Starting a YouTube Channel

Am I a content creator now? I guess so! I am starting a YouTube channel to complement this blog. The main reason is because I really want to force myself to turn this into something. I need another outlet, and hopefully adding more onto my plate will give me that. Lol, but truly. If I … Continue reading Starting a YouTube Channel

Job Hunt Dilemma

How do you look for a job when you don't want another job? This is kind of a strange question, but it's also my predicament. I don't necessarily want to continue on in my current position, but I don't want to work for some other person who could end up being a nightmare and I … Continue reading Job Hunt Dilemma

It’s My Workplace and I’ll Cry if I Want To

I'm about to say something controversial: I think that it's alright to cry at work. Sometimes you just need a good cry! I've cried in the workplace twice, and the second time was quite recently. I won't discuss that situation now because it was fairly recent and I'm not in a space where discussing it … Continue reading It’s My Workplace and I’ll Cry if I Want To