Trick Yourself Into Thinking You’re Poor — Money Mondays!

Hello, welcome to Semi-Employed! I’m semi-employed. It’s Monday, so I want to do what I call “Money Mondays!” And, talk about money.

Since it is the first episode I’ll start with my relationship with money. Maybe you can relate to it! Growing up, my mom always said we were poor. I’d ask for something, she’d say “no you can’t have that, we’re poor!” Or we’d be planning a vacation, and she’d say “let’s go to Virginia” and I’d say, “can’t we go to the Bahamas” and she’d say “no, we’re poor!” So on and so on. 

It took me a few years to realize that we aren’t actually poor. I mean we’re not rich, no way, but we’re middle class. We live in a house in the suburbs. We have an okay car, and even 2 cars at one point. When I was a kid we went on vacation once a year, even if it was to Virginia, and we always had money to do fun things like eating out, amusement parks, shopping.

But, a few years after that, I realized that saying we were poor was kind of my mom’s way of teaching me to be good with money. You hear a lot of rich people online talking about living below your means. That’s really how they keep their money! And, we definitely had hard times somewhere in there. When the economy went bad, there were demotions and lost jobs. If my mom and dad didn’t live below their means, maybe we wouldn’t have gotten through those lean years.

But, of course, I didn;t learn that lesson until I spent a couple of years fucking up my credit. In college, i spent money like it was my fucking job. I would have $10 in my bank account, and still find a way to go out every weekend, eating out, drinking, Ubers, hookah! Thankfully me and my friends were good at splitting stuff so I could volunteer to buy the bottle then someone would buy the food and someone would buy the hookah, then we all get a venmo request later, when our accounts are back up. 

It wasn’t even living paycheck to paycheck, it was living cent to cent! Then I got a credit card and started using that like it was magic! I ran the whole thing up, and then realized “uh oh!” I have to pay this off and that process really sank my credit. Plus, student loans and all that shit.

Thankfully, I had a come to Jesus moment with myself. I paid off the card, I figured out a payment plan for my loans, and I learned why I need to always tell myself that I’m poor. Cuz if you don’t, you end up spending like you got it! Maybe in my next video, I’ll talk about credit. I was able to pay off my card, but I’m still not a credit expert and I’m still clamoring up that hill towards better credit. Pray for me!



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