The Legacy of MLK

I am the culmination of his dreams almost fulfilled. I wish that I could say his dreams have come true, but people and life are much more complicated than that. In some ways, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of us today. There is integration. There is black excellence, and there are white … Continue reading The Legacy of MLK

Starting a YouTube Channel

Am I a content creator now? I guess so! I am starting a YouTube channel to complement this blog. The main reason is because I really want to force myself to turn this into something. I need another outlet, and hopefully adding more onto my plate will give me that. Lol, but truly. If I … Continue reading Starting a YouTube Channel

It’s My Workplace and I’ll Cry if I Want To

I'm about to say something controversial: I think that it's alright to cry at work. Sometimes you just need a good cry! I've cried in the workplace twice, and the second time was quite recently. I won't discuss that situation now because it was fairly recent and I'm not in a space where discussing it … Continue reading It’s My Workplace and I’ll Cry if I Want To