The Legacy of MLK

I am the culmination of his dreams almost fulfilled. I wish that I could say his dreams have come true, but people and life are much more complicated than that.

In some ways, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of us today. There is integration. There is black excellence, and there are white people recognizing and working toward a better tomorrow. But, in so many ways we are stuck in the past. The racial wealth gap is just as bad as ever, racial violence is constant, and there was literally a coup because people voted a racist out of office.

As a black woman, I feel like a culmination of Martin and his followers’ work. I feel like I have great opportunities, and even like my blackness could give me an advantage. I want to be a success story in black America, but I am wary of being too optimistic about the world around me. I think that I could succeed and my children (should I have any) will succeed, but I do not expect universal acceptance.

I want to thank my forefathers and mothers for their hard work, and I promise to carry on the fight and make waves and make change.


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