This is Me

Screenshot 2018-07-11 at 6.03.37 PMIt has been a year since I graduated from college. I have two sort of jobs, only one is paid, and it is even less stable than the unpaid position. I am in a limbo of employment, constantly throwing my self out there with job applications, only to be tossed back. I want to be a writer/producer, so in these desperate times, it only makes sense to rely on oneself. Hence, this blog!

Join me on my escapades of uncertainty and desperation. You can even read my sad poetry if you really want to. (I warn you, it is very very sad. You have been warned.)

If you happen to have an entry level position in production or writing or even just as a personal assistant, please contact me. I am but a poor child seeking fulfilling work.

Here’s my email:!