New Habits to a New Future — Thursday Thoughts

I’ve started walking every morning. By 7amET I’m out of bed every morning, making a cup of tea and getting ready to head out for a 30-40 minute suburban hike around my town. Thanks to the spring weather, there’s a little breeze in the morning, making it perfect as I start to build up a sweat. I’m trying to turn this activity into a new habit. I started developing it when I spent two weeks dog sitting for my cousin, and every morning I ad to get up around 7-7:30 to get the dog fed and outside for the bathroom. It was hard at first, but then it became a welcome start to the morning. Now that the dog is gone, I’m trying to keep this up. Walking is not only meditative for me, but it’s an easy way to get some exercise in that doesn’t feel like I’m forcing myself to do anything too hard. It’s a simple calorie burn first thing that makes me feel better throughout the day since I started it by getting my blood pumping.

I’ve been complaining my whole life about being overweight, and this last year stuck inside, easing anxieties with ice cream has only made things worse. Working a walk into my early morning routine has been the perfect start to a healthier me so far. I have more energy, mornings aren’t as hard, and I’m more motivated to get even more rigorous exercise in at night. I’ve even joined a nearby kick boxing gym to help lead to greater results.

The importance of the walk isn’t just about making me leaner, stronger, and healthier, but it feels like it’s putting me on track to achieve even more. My goals for financial prosperity feel so linked to my goals for physical health, and putting one on track really makes me feel like the other is following right behind. Starting a sunny, cloudy, windy, or balmy morning off with a walk just sets the mind up even more as the day goes on. I’m excited for the big things this new habit will bring!


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