Making Moves in Cannabis — Money Mondays

One of my goals is to create a cannabis that dominates the Northeast. Now, I just recently learned not only how much work, but how much money goes into it and I am nowhere near that! Of course, part of me is tempted to call it quits and forget the whole thing, but another part of me sees a real future in this. It’s just a matter of taking that risk and jumping on this opportunity. My first step, was having a quick call with a Colorado consultant firm. They’re the ones who informed me of the major cost. Now, I’ve connected with quite a few people in the space on LinkedIn with the hopes of picking their brains about this. My next step needs to be creating a financial plan. If one of these industry experts actually agrees to meet with me, I have to be ready. If not, I have to be ready anyways to get this done on my own.

The other question is partners. Do I bring my colleague who is also interested in the space, and much more knowledgable about it than I in on this? Also, do I bring my friend in who expressed interest in helping. These are both possibilities, but the problem is the way that mixing business with friendship could be a hardship. Maybe for now, just adding the colleague is the right thing to do. We already know how we work together, we’re interested in different aspects of the industry, and it would be extremely difficult to do this on my own. So, it’s only a matter of time. I hope to document this journey, as I move toward achieving this goal.

What are your thoughts on the cannabis industry? Let me know!


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