Ending Random Spending — Money Mondays

I deleted all of my takeout apps and cancelled any unnecessary subscriptions. It’s time to play the save game! I want to be rich, and if there’s one major thing that I’ve learned it’s that you have to live below your means, so I’m trying to cut out as much spending as I can. It’ll be hard, because I love to treat myself, but if I want to achieve a goal, I gotta strap in a little.

No more late night ice cream runs, which conflicts with my health goals anyway so it’s a double win. No more commercial-free podcast subscription, especially since they started adding commercials anyway. No more un-used gym membership, because I’ll join a more effective gym which will give me more bang for my buck. No more eating out at all! And, no more unnecessary cosmetic treatments that cost me hundreds a month.

All of this unspent money will go to investing and savings. That’s the game for my future! What about yours? How are you planning for your future.


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