Job Hunt Dilemma

How do you look for a job when you don’t want another job? This is kind of a strange question, but it’s also my predicament. I don’t necessarily want to continue on in my current position, but I don’t want to work for some other person who could end up being a nightmare and I could be very unhappy. I also really like the size of my current employer. It’s small, so you don’t get lost in the machine and become just another number that they can dispose of whenever they please. So what is a girl to do?

Honestly, the solution is to take a risk and do something on my own. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of confidence. I am trying to build it, and actually one of my goals this year is to start to really build something for myself. Create a brand that can stand on its own and give me the resources I need to never have to work for someone else again.

Do any of you have goals like that? Are you tired of working for other people, but don’t have a clear skill or product to sell that you can take a chance on? What are you doing to move up in the world? Let’s chat in the comments!


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