New Year Vibes

Instead of making set resolutions or a vision board, I decided to paint a representation of my hopes for 2021. I got the information about the color significance from several online sources. This painting is on a wall of other art by my bed, right next to my wardrobe. In this position, I will see it every day and remember the intention behind it.

The center is pink because pink is a good luck color for Taurus in 2021. The borders are white for the same reason. White and pink are powerful lucky colors for my sign this year, so I included them for a boost of luck during an uncertain year. The white borders the outside in order to contain everything else, and use the power of luck to protect the other goals from outside sources (if that makes sense).

Next, purple is supposed to promote success and finishing projects. My hope is that seeing this color everyday will remind me of its significance and give me the motivation and discipline to commit to the projects and goals that I set out for myself.

Then, green is not only my favorite color, but an energizing and revitalizing color for Taurus. This color will hopefully give me the energy to fulfill my goals this year. And lastly, brown is a powerful attracter of money. I want some financial independence this year. I want to move away from my current path and create new opportunities for myself, especially financially.

Of course, I do have hard set things that I want to do, and will write about and try to commit to and accomplish, but when it comes to resolutions, a vibe feels more achievable to me than a hard task.


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