Creativity Begets Creativity

I’ve taken up painting lately. Acrylics on canvas, and I’m not that good, it’s just a fun new hobby. It’s amazing to actually be able to turn my brain off for a little while and just mess around and feel no pressure about it. I bought primary colors only, so I have to mix my own secondary colors, etc and I love it. I love making a color, not knowing exactly what’s going to come out, but just playing with it. I’ve started to do something especially fun where after I paint my actual painting, whatever it may be, I take the left over mixed colors and just throw them onto a canvas. No shape, no plan just stroking it on there and seeing what happens. I find it so invigorating and enjoyable to not care too much how the thing turns out, but just enjoying the process.

It’s also nice that this new hobby has brought out creativity in other aspects of my life, like writing. Obviously, since I’m actually writing here and not avoiding it like I usually do. I think the lack of pressure with painting is allowing me to not feel pressure from other creative parts of my life. Hopefully that continues. And, maybe I’ll show the paintings here and write about them. A new series about my fun with colors. Don’t hold me to it, but I’ll try! Maybe it’ll even motivate me to keep up the other things I said I would this year, like my health and finances. Who knows, maybe I’ll make this a full fledged blog again. We’ll see.

Talk again soon!


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