How I’m Handling This Election

Today I really want to lay low. I want to avoid social media as much as I can, I want to stay in my house, and don’t even want to watch the polling results. Today doesn’t give me a great feeling. Most likely, because on this day four years ago, I was feeling optimistic, excited, and engaged. Then, the next day, I was depressed, defeated, and outraged. I don’t want to feel that way again. I don’t want our country plunged into another waking nightmare.

Now, Biden is polling pretty high, but so was Clinton. And, this time we’re voting with a lot more baggage. There is so much more anger that no matter who wins there could be hell to pay. Hopefully I’m wrong, and tonight ends like a sigh of relief. Hopefully, everyone who is on the other side takes that information for what it is and lives with it. Hopefully our current President doesn’t insight anymore violence or put us in a more precarious situation. I pray for peace but I’m mentally prepared for war.

So, today I want to take it easy with work. I want to meditate and pray. I want my family close and I want us safely indoors. I don’t want any surprises or any strife from any corner of my life. I want a moment of happiness and peace, no matter how this evening ends.

And, yes I voted. And you should too!


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