New Year Vibes

Instead of making set resolutions or a vision board, I decided to paint a representation of my hopes for 2021. I got the information about the color significance from several online sources. This painting is on a wall of other art by my bed, right next to my wardrobe. In this position, I will see … Continue reading New Year Vibes

Learning Stocks

One key to wealth building by most accounts is playing the markets. So, I've been trying! This week is my official test to see if I can really make some money the old fashioned way! So, Door Dash and Air BNB are going LIVE with IPOs this week, and I'm going to invest in both. … Continue reading Learning Stocks

It’s My Workplace and I’ll Cry if I Want To

I'm about to say something controversial: I think that it's alright to cry at work. Sometimes you just need a good cry! I've cried in the workplace twice, and the second time was quite recently. I won't discuss that situation now because it was fairly recent and I'm not in a space where discussing it … Continue reading It’s My Workplace and I’ll Cry if I Want To