Learning Stocks

One key to wealth building by most accounts is playing the markets. So, I’ve been trying! This week is my official test to see if I can really make some money the old fashioned way! So, Door Dash and Air BNB are going LIVE with IPOs this week, and I’m going to invest in both.

This is all part of the fiscal responsibility aspect of how I’m trying to turn my life around. (It’s currently the only part that I’m succeeding at) So, hopefully the starting prices aren’t too high because I want at least 5-10 shares of each!

Very soon, I want to rely just on myself for money and no longer have to work for others. Hopefully, this is a step in that direction.

Fingers crossed everyone! Remember, I’m not a financial adviser or anything, just a 25-year old with a dream of financial independence and a belief in these 2 tech companies.


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