Death By Taxes

So, here’s my mid-month wrap up of “New Decade, New Me.” Doing things differently is hard and kind of sucks. In my effort to save as much money as I can, and do right by myself financially, I forgot one crucial thing: taxes.

Being a semi-employed person means that I’m freelance, which means that I have to pay taxes every quarter and I don’t get a nice little bonus in April like other folks do. I barely make enough money to survive most months plus I’m supposed to be putting outrageous amounts of money away to pay the Government because I dared to work. My taxes are ridiculous, and I just don’t have it. I mean, maybe if I didn’t try to plan for my future by putting money away so that I can someday dream of not living like this, then I would have enough to pay my taxes. But, maybe if a company like Amazon or Netflix actually paid something, they wouldn’t be demanding so much from a person who makes below minimum wage.

Anyway, I suppose this is what my second job is for now, to pay for my great sin of trying to do what I enjoy. It hasn’t burned me out yet, though. I still feel sane despite working essentially 7 days a week. I hope it pays off an dI get to do some fun things later in the year.

I think for now, I am team “Fuck the IRS.” They can have the money when I can afford to pay it. And don’t say, “maybe spend less on coffee and lunch,” because honestly, this is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. Why is it that price of coffee and lunch continues to go up and our paychecks are stagnant. Why must a person have to choose between lunch and the IRS. It’s dumb.


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