New Year, New Decade

The Significance

It’s the last day of the year and also just happens to be the last of the decade. This does feel quite a bit more significant than other new years. I was alive for the last decade turn, and even remember a little bit of it. My parents threw a party, and I fell asleep on my grandmother’s lap a little after midnight. This time, I’m going into the new year extremely conscious and uniquely aware of what I want for myself in the year and decade to come.

This ending decade will also mark the end of my early twenties, which is to say next year I will officially be an adult. I will turn 25. Mid twenties. Almost 30. I am determined to make this year work for me, so I will spend this year really putting in work. Going in to this year, I have made quite a few resolutions or goals for myself, with the understanding that I truly have just one real resolution. To have follow through.

Following Through

Firstly, I want to follow through on my determination to get healthy. During college I gained a bit of weight, and since college I’ve packed on quite a bit more. I think that I wear it well most days, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself from a different angle, or I see a photo taken of me candidly, and I’m taken aback by how my body actually looks out in the wild when I’m not sucking in and primping for the mirror. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and invest in some equipment, classes, and time to really get my health in order.

My next goal is related, but not as specific. I want to put more care into my body and appearance. I started to do so this year, and I want to really follow through n some of the areas that I haven’t paid as much attention to. For instance, my feet. I walk a lot and have developed a callous that I’ve been meaning to take care of, so I will invest time and limited amounts of money on weekly footbaths/pedicures. This year, I have really advanced my skin care routine, and have found the right balance of washing/exfoliating/moisturizer/rest. Next year, it’s going to be time to add a little extra and add a little makeup most days. Not a full face, just some zhuzh to look a little nicer each day. I will also be painting my nails. I’ve taking to filing them in 2019, and like everything else, I just think it’s time take the extra step.

My third goal is to follow through on my creative pursuits. I have really been slacking on my writing, as anyone who follows me here and reads my blog knows. I just haven’t been consistent. In 2020, I really want to stick to my weekly blogging plan, as well as starting some other creative projects, mainly personal video content. I may also want to consider preparing to apply for Masters programs next winter. This isn’t a priority, but it is definitely a possibility that I am considering and taking seriously.

My final, and possibly most important goal is fiscal responsibility. I ended 2019 the most broke I’ve been since I was unemployed last year. Not because I haven’t been working, but because I haven’t been monitoring my finances and spending. I overspent by about $200 dollars in November/December and ended the year with zero savings and almost in the hole. The only thing to bring me back out of it was a fortuitous cat sitting opportunity late last week. I am starting 2020 with a raise at my full-time job (very minor and still below living wages, but more than before) and a second job on the weekends. My plan is to withdraw $200 from my account in cash every month and save it in a lock box. at the end of the year, I should have $2400 left to do with what I will! I also have monthly withdrawals going directly into a retirement plan and a rainy day fund of $50 each. Every week, $5 goes from my bank account into penny stocks as well. All of this and my a generously made budget should be enough to keep me from ending up in the same predicament this time next year while also allowing me to save for planned trips and vacations this year.


Now, if all goes well, I will be ending 2020 extremely happy with myself! I just need to be organized, plan, and be consistent. I will keep a log here of my progresses, and that should help. I want to open and honest with the world and myself, otherwise none of this will work. I’m pretty pleased with most aspects of myself this year, but I know that I can do better.

So, every Sunday, I’ll come here and give an account of how the previous week went. Did I stay in budget? Did I miss a workout? Did I eat excessive amounts of bread? And every Wednesday, I’ll blog about my work-life. Balancing two jobs, being a freelancer, staying motivated at a job you no longer love. Let’s rock this new decade together!


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