It’s Been a While… | Semi-Employed

I haven't written here in a while. Partially because of writer's block, partially because of laziness, and partially because of a busy schedule. Why is my schedule so busy you may ask? Well, because I got a job!!!!     Do not fear! I will still be writing here! I mean, I pay for it, … Continue reading It’s Been a While… | Semi-Employed


Writer’s Block

Why aren’t I blind yet? The whiteness staring back at me surely should have seared my irises by now. Maybe I’m dead. They do say that you see a bright white light at the end. That would explain the complete absence of thought that I have been nursing for the past hour. I should try … Continue reading Writer’s Block


Something seems ominous about twenty three Twenty three is practically mid-twenties Mid twenties is practically late twenties Late twenties is practically thirty My thinking is overwrought My life is undercooked My hopes are slowly dying, But I know it’s soon to call Life is moving glacial But also at a sprint My mind fills with … Continue reading 23