A Writer With No Writing

People keep telling me to write, as if it’s just that easy. And my uncle tells me to be brave as if it’s a thing you can just be. I know that I want to be a writer, but I find it so hard to just put pen to paper… or I guess finger tips to keyboard, and put forth something creative. One could argue that I’m kind of doing that right now, but this is stream of conscious. This format I find easy, it comes naturally to me. To some extent so does poetry, and so does coming up with ideas for longer form projects. What is entirely foreign to me is the follow through, the planning, and the work ethic that goes into making a long form written project come to life. That’s something that I absolutely have to work on. So, I start here with rambling blogging, intermittent poetry, and once in a blue moon short stories. Next, I have to put myself on a track to fulfill something greater. To be the person and writer that my uncle knows I can be. That I know I can be. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, if anyone did.




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