Settling Into a New Job | Semi-Employed

With any new job, there is an adjustment period. Even if you have been at the company for a while. I am at the final stages of new role adjustment, but I am eager to escape the phase completely. No matter how much I enjoy the work, or I feel my co-workers and boss like me, I still fear losing this position.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I am doing a pretty good job so far. I think that months of semi-employment and bed experiences have forced me into a sort of protective mode. I want to guard myself against the seemingly absolute reality that I could get fired. I refuse to feel comfortable or content in the position because once my guard is down unemployment could just take me out again. And I refuse to go back there.

Is it survival instinct, is it fear, or is it just smart? We all now that work life isn’t like it was in our grandparents’ or even parents’ generations. We know that jobs don’t take care of us, even the best most rewarding positions. You have to look out for yourself, your own best interest, your own bag. They aren’t looking for you to be the most you can be. You have to do that. So I stay on my toes, and I work and I listen. I gather the resources that I need and prepare myself for the reality of the job market. In the end, I refuse to get got, so I’ll put my head down until I decide to get going!

Have you had new job fears? Have you come to this realization before? Am I being too harsh? Do you want to hire me?

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