Why Aren’t I Getting a Call Back? Interviews Without Follow Ups. | Semi-Employed

Do you ever question the functionality of your email? I mean, do you ever wonder if your email is limiting the amount of and type of email that you should be getting. I ask this because lately, I keep getting interviews that end with promises of hearing back, but I’m not hearing back. Now I feel like a teenager in an 80s movie who keeps calling her own house phone to make sure that the line is clear. So, is my line clear?

Just recently I have been lucky enough to get a few phone interviews and one in person interview. Each interview seems to go great, and when the interviewer ends the conversation with a promise to get back to me, I feel confident that I will hear back with a job offer, but I keep getting nothing back. Even in one situation where the woman offered me an internship at the end of the conversation (Yes I’m still applying to internships. It’s hard out here) I still haven’t heard back.

It’s disheartening enough to apply to jobs all day with no response, but it’s even worse when you get that interview, but see no reward. It’s like they dangle the possibility so close to you then rip it away without you even noticing. Just no response. You wait silently, send a thank you email, cross your fingers. Wake up day after day, checking that email or voicemail, hoping that there is something new but still nothing. I want to cry it hurts so badly sometimes. Worse than a crush, this is about your future, your career, your bag.

So, should I work on my interview skills? I think that I am quite charming. In person I have a calming presence, I’m a good listener, I think that I’m cute enough that people would want me around even just to see my face. Maybe I sound too desperate, like I want it too much. Should I be more cool? Should I agree less? It’s just so hard to know what to do. And then when you have an interview that seems to go well but they don’t get back to you, it’s hard not to take that personally. So, should I take it personally?

What are your thoughts? Are you not hearing back from interviewers? Are you not calling interviewees back? Why do you think I haven’t heard back? Do you want to hire me?

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