Being Ghosted By a Job | Semi-Employed

Have you ever been ghosted by a job, because I think that I have. Amidst a flurry of promises to pay me “bucks and bucks” and to have “more consistent work in the future,” I have been shut out. Not a text or call or email. Nothing! From an employer! Is this normal?

Now, I know that I should have seen the signs. She can be quite flighty. Several times she would ask one thing of you and trail off into something else mid request. She told us about her troubled past working on the project the first time around, about a year ago. She sort of spiraled, leaving all of her workers hanging and all of the work completely unfinished. When she brought the new crew on, I thought it would be different. She would get distracted, and seemed to come up with new ideas about the way things should be almost by the hour. I thought that she was just being creative. I admired aspects of this way of working … mostly the spontaneous creativity.

Then, she told me that she wouldn’t need me for two weeks. I took it in stride, because I knew that there were aspects of the job that she did not need my help with, so it should be fine. A couple days into the break, she called me in to work on another project with her. A really cool concept with possibilities for growth in the field that I want to work in! She made more promises of time spent working on both projects. Money coming at me for both projects! Credits and contacts and a future! I was ecstatic. But, then there was nothing. My mom told me to be sceptical, and I was but I was also hopeful.

A day of work here, a day there, suddenly I had my first check in a while and I was on cloud nine! I had found out that day that during the two week break, several people had been fired. Yet another bad sign. Then there was nothing again. I was heartbroken. One text. One day at work. Then nothing. I texted her a few days later to let her know about a lead for the original project, but instead of saying that I could handle it next week at work, she said “Email me the information.” That’s when I knew for sure that I was out. No formal parting or goodbye. No apology for her behavior or the lack of communication. Just nothing.

The worst part was the amount that she hyped me up. She convinced me that there were at least months of work possible, with plenty of money to keep me for the time. She could have just said that she could only afford me for a little while but she wasn’t sure about the future. Then, at least I wouldn’t have sat around waiting for her to text me, making me feel as though this was my big break. Worse than a date, this was about my coin! How am I supposed to trust any employer? Should I talk to her about it?

Has a job ever ghosted you? What about a date? Should I speak with this employer? Will I ever get a job? Do you want to hire me?

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