Am I Unemployable? Questions from a tattooed 20-something. | Semi-Employed

So, am I? This Monday, my dad took me to a tattoo parlor after years of promising he would. He got an atheist symbol on his right shoulder, I got a sun on my right forearm. The spot is obviously very visible, especially since it’s hot out. Was this dumb? Will I never get a job now?

I have always wanted tattoos. My dad has quite a few on his arms, so I guess that I have been biased towards them. Somehow, my mom’s contempt for the body modification, especially in extremely visible spots, didn’t deter me.  My dad has a star tattoo on each arm, so I have always wanted a sun kind of like an homage. I feel like my forearm was the perfect spot for it, and I’m really glad about the way that it turned out (the tattoo is the feature photo, I hope you think it’s cool too!) My mom thinks that it makes me look like a sailor, but that is neither here nor there. It’s on my body, and it isn’t going away unless I get expensive laser treatment, so.

But, now I can’t help but wonder, is my mom right to hate tattoos? Have I ruined my future and my life by getting this beautiful permanent piece of art stabbed into my body? I have never wanted to believe that tattoos can make or break a job prospect. Employers are supposed to be equal opportunity, or at least that’s what they always flaunt on the applications.Should your love for body art really be a deterrent for those hiring? Besides, I want to work as a creative. I want to write and produce, so it shouldn’t really matter that I am tatted, right? If I go in for an interview at a larger company, will my tattoo turn them off despite my qualifications and work ethic?

What are your thoughts? Are you tattooed and employed? Are you tattooed and unemployed? Do you want to hire me?

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