This weekend I got my cartilage pierced spontaneously. My friend and I were walking through the mall, still trying to figure out where we wanted to start our window shopping experience. We wandered passed the Claire’s, a store that I haven’t entered since about Freshman year of high school, and my friend points out a large hand written sign saying “Free Piercings!!”

“You should get one,” she said jokingly.

“For real?” I responded.

“Yeah do it.” We were both mostly joking, but somehow we still ended up inside, waiting behind a couple there to pierce their baby girl’s ears. It was decided, somehow that I was going through with it after the tenth minute of waiting. It was as if I did it because I wanted to make waiting worth it.

I can’t stop thinking about how random and spontaneous the whole situation was, and how much I don’t regret it. My friend actually pointed out that the decisions that people usually regret are the ones that take the longest to come to. This is one of the quickest choices I have ever made, the only one that I have made just as quick was the decision to be a writer. I guess I will just see what the future has to say for these two things.


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