Writer’s Block

Why aren’t I blind yet? The whiteness staring back at me surely should have seared my irises by now. Maybe I’m dead. They do say that you see a bright white light at the end. That would explain the complete absence of thought that I have been nursing for the past hour. I should try … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Am I Stuck?

Noticing the indent in the mattress in the shape of my body as I rise to the door The foam isn’t memory, just a representation of the mental state of me My voice echoes the creak of the wood under my feet Before the floor eveng gets a chance to speak Activities of the day … Continue reading Am I Stuck?


I'm too good at being alone I feel no ruch to fill a space I crave the silence of isolation Healthy independenc from unhealthy boundaries Blocked areas so tall that I can't see out I fear my resistence to seeking love But I love me and isnt't that enough?