One Bad Apple

One rotten apple spoils the bunch, and when that bunch gets served on a golden platter to a whole community, that apple’s poison spreads like disease amongst the unsuspecting citizens. As those apples age, the rot only festers and grows and when those rotten seeds get planted and take root, it’s that much harder for … Continue reading One Bad Apple

My Notes App

My notes app is full of gold Half formed stories untold Unfinished thoughts regurgitated A wandering mind looking to be creative My notebooks are all half empty Unfulfilled promises to myself About my health, about my mind About the ways in which I’ll spend my time My commitments are elsewhere Never in the places I … Continue reading My Notes App


Something seems ominous about twenty three Twenty three is practically mid-twenties Mid twenties is practically late twenties Late twenties is practically thirty My thinking is overwrought My life is undercooked My hopes are slowly dying, But I know it’s soon to call Life is moving glacial But also at a sprint My mind fills with … Continue reading 23


I'm too good at being alone I feel no ruch to fill a space I crave the silence of isolation Healthy independenc from unhealthy boundaries Blocked areas so tall that I can't see out I fear my resistence to seeking love But I love me and isnt't that enough?