I struggle with my weight in a strange way. My mind can fluctuate on the idea of the state of my body from gorgeous to atrocious all in one day. Diets don’t always suit me because I like to give myself whatever I want. Often times, when I give in to those feelings, I regret it almost immediately; I have begun to adapt and realize this casue and effect, so that I don’t give into the impulse. It has only been three days, but I feel like avoiding my usual bad food instincts and proving to myself that I do have self control, and I can change and be healthy is extremely rewarding.

I’m doing keto. High fat and protein ultra low-carb. Like a 20g carb a day limit. You’re supposed to train your body to burn fat for energy. What I thought would be the hardest is desserts, but I have found that the substitutes can be quite enjoyable. I used to allow my self a post-lunch dessert as well as a post-dinner (sometimes even after breakfast as well). I used to think that I needed that sugar all day, and as a result I was overeating quite a bit. I have cut it down to after dinner, and it’s keto friendly, so I’m not bogging my body down with extra carbs like I used to. I’m excited for this, and I think that it will work for the better long-term.


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