Dear America

I love this country.

I was born on this land, raised on this land. It’s all that I know.

I have spent time with my hands in the earth, basking at the fertility that it provides. The virility of the American soil can inspire hope in anyone.

I have spent time quietly breathing in the air. The fresh wooded air. The thick city air. The hermaphroditic air of the suburban landscape.

I love America, but lately I feel that it gives no love back.

The division and aggression, the terror, the oppression is straining this relationship.

I want everyday to feel the warm peace in my country that I felt as a child. I want to run and play and not think of the wrongs that have been committed.

Fear and anger have become the driving force of action. I wish we could have love and understanding.

In the wake of tragedy we no longer band together to show support, but we attack one another with blame and conflagration.

Differing opinions does not mean differing objections.

We all want to feel safe, loved, respected. Working together is the only way to achieve this American dream.

Anything that I can do for my home, I will.

Because I love you and I want what’s best for you.

My dear America.


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