Not Who I Am

I wish that vodka tasted like water Be easier to drown the sorrows I like that whiskey taste like pain A reminder that joy is borrowed   I don’t drink as much as I write I do I don’t mean to seem so downtrodden Because most times the opposite’s true But when writing the happiness … Continue reading Not Who I Am



Something seems ominous about twenty three Twenty three is practically mid-twenties Mid twenties is practically late twenties Late twenties is practically thirty My thinking is overwrought My life is undercooked My hopes are slowly dying, But I know it’s soon to call Life is moving glacial But also at a sprint My mind fills with … Continue reading 23


I'm too good at being alone I feel no ruch to fill a space I crave the silence of isolation Healthy independenc from unhealthy boundaries Blocked areas so tall that I can't see out I fear my resistence to seeking love But I love me and isnt't that enough?